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As your local business becomes more profitable, it makes sense to consider opening new sites to serve a broader customer base. Expansion is a major investment, whether at the second or the hundredth location. Do not jeopardize the success of your business by blindly entering the situation. Use the experience of virtual accounting service to ensure you make a significant investment in your business.

Is it worth it?
More is not always better. The fact that your business does big business in one place does not mean it works as well elsewhere. As with any major effort, you should consider ROI to determine if this step is best for your business.
In collaboration with your virtual accounting department, you can calculate the opportunity cost of opening a new location. Expenses such as construction and redevelopment or training new employees can be added to give you an idea of ​​the initial and future cost of the new location. Profit analyzes determine how long it takes for the new location to break even. Remember that creating a customer base on the new website takes a long time, no matter if consumers are familiar with your business.

Choose the best place
To find the right configuration for your new office, you need to analyze traffic patterns, income levels, and other factors to identify potential revenue. Expenses at the new location include local salary expectations that may differ from those of your primary location, purchase of consumables, transportation costs, and incidentals. Your virtual accounting service will help you understand these numbers to generate a range of expected revenues.

Many states and cities offer incentives to encourage businesses to create jobs in the region. These incentives may include tax refunds, bridging loans or development grants. Comparing the different incentive programs can be a complicated task. Accounting services help you balance packages and determine the benefits to your business today and in the years to come.

Even if the state or city has been selected, there are a variety of possible locations. Without a thorough knowledge of what candidate regions and cities can offer, it would be easy to find a less than ideal solution. Once an investment decision has been made, it is extremely difficult and expensive to change. Making the right decision first maximizes productivity and profitability. When looking for the best location for a business, it is recommended that companies understand and really explore all available solutions.

Find a financing
Few companies can afford to simply issue a check on the start-up costs of a new location. On the other hand, it is common to receive financing in the form of a commercial loan to pay the loan with the profits of the new institution.

In order to receive financing, a detailed business plan with multi-year profitability forecasts is required. This not only convinces lenders that investing in your business is a good financial decision, but it also tells you how profitable this step will be. Many companies are either abandoning or postponing expansion plans after analysis has shown that this expansion has little or no benefit.

The virtual accounting service provides key reporting functionality for creating the business plan. The more detailed your forecasts, the easier it is to convince a lender or investor to provide the financing your business needs. Bruce Drago Business Consulting

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