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Moving to a new home is an exciting time. Just as it can be a big change for you, it can be even harder for your pets.

Since your four-legged friends cannot anticipate future changes, it’s important that you’re ready. When the big day comes up for you two, you’ll see how you can help your dog feel comfortable in his new room!

Crate – Train your pet
Avoid the fear of your pets by preparing them to travel with you on the day of the move. Although many dogs do not care about crates and kennels, you do not want to put your pets on the first day for the first time on one. Acclimate yourself in a cage or kennel before you move to keep everyone as calm as possible.

Your new home is a new area for both of you, see in advance if there are any nearby parks and dog trails.

Prepare your animals for a new location
In the weeks leading up to the transition, you need to bring your pets into new environments similar to those you will soon call home. Try a specific area or area with a similar noise, space, and population. And if you are near your new home, bring your pets with you to meet new neighbors and their pets.

Keep your things close
Make sure your pets are surrounded by their favorite toys and items so they feel relaxed, comfortable and distracted while traveling. This includes your belts, bowls, and blankets. Professional advice: do not clean anything! The familiar scents of your old home will be soothing and will help you feel comfortable in your new home.

Keep pets
A good general rule: move your home before moving your pet. Get everything you can configure before presenting your animals in the new room. In order not to overwhelm your pets, limit them to a specific area of the house. But do not forget to give them special attention so they always feel the love!

Keep your routine as normal as possible
As your pets adapt to the new space, do not change their routine quickly. Try to meet your normal functioning and diet, such as the duration and time of a walk, and the dish and type of food that helps your animals feed. The more you stick to what your pet is used to, the more comfortable you will be.

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